Safe guarding the people of the California coastal area through earthquake forecasting, tracking and suppression.

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Unlock the Power of Real Earthquake Data

We employ the latest, up to the moment scientific research and data, then apply R V visioning to monitor pre -quake conditions that could generate a major earthquake.

Multiple factors  contribute to generating a major earthquake, however once those conditions are identified, we track the electric storm and if it builds to major quake proportions we step in and suppress before it can be triggered.

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Recent Quake Watch Report

This is your status update on July 17, 2028 for the California coastal area.

California and worldwide, we are looking at moderate chances of a major quake. Overnight, there were three M5 events located in Mexico, the Solomon Islands, and the Marianna Islands, and Hawaii erupted in M5...

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June 17, 2011 It was an unusually dry, still summer night in Berkeley California. That week there...